Natural Rope Halter
Professional Range


Apart from the most obvious reasons myself and my peers find the Natural Halter better than most. It is the softness of the rope, yet it is still so strong. I still have my original halters, lead ropes and strings from 15 years back. What is most important in rope halters is that they have the knots tyed in the correct position, so as to not course damage to the horse nerves around his head if he does pull back. I have seen this in the past.
Because they have no hard wear, meaning no buckles, they are not going to get caught on anything and if the horse does lean on them they will not explode open like a buckle can. I have in the past seen a buckle get caught on a horses eye.
There are many other reasons I stick to Natural Equipment halters and all their other gear, I have tried other brands, only to go back to what I know works and has the feel I need to communicate with the horse.
Date Added: 12/12/2007 by Camilla Davidson
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