The Art of the Bridle Horse by Pat Puckett

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"We made this video so I could share my knowledge about the Art of the Bridle Horse. Every reinsman has his own techniques. My technique is the product of forty years horseback, working on ranches and riding for the public. To me, the Bridle Horse is the highest level of western riding. This video is full of ideas that will help any horseman compliment their horse.” Pat Puckett

“ This project has been a joy to work on and I hope it helps people gain a better understanding of the real practicalities of why a reinsman would school his horse a particular way, and that schooling surely would reflect the actual work required of the horse.  The performance horse world was not part of this, anything we have presented here is valid, logical and well founded from a working aspect. and we hope we have shown not only the realities of a good working Bridle Horse but also the training method and progressive scales of learning which if done quietly, correctly and methodically will help you in your own efforts to train a horse in this way.”  John Saint Ryan

Included in this DVD you will find:

1. The Foundation

2. The headstall.

3. How to tie the throat latch.

4.Tying the blood knot

5. How to move the feet.

6 The application of the aids and body position.

7. The subtleties of signals.

8 Mechanics of the hackamore.

9. Reviewing the fit of the bosal.

10. How to tie the mecate to the bosal.

11. The horse and the equipment.

12 How to tie the 'get down' rope.

13. The 'get down' rope -  tying off.

14 Teaching the horse to accept the bridle.

15 Coastal reins -  application.

16. The pre-signal process.

17 Working practicalities.

18. The Palm Concho.

19 Tying the reata - Valise style.

20. The curb strap  function.

21. Choosing the cheekpiece and the mouthpiece.

22. A closer look at the mouthpiece.

23. The importance of the practicalities.

24. The spade bit - evaluation.

25. The two rein process.

26. Removing the bit.

27 Bosalito and spade bit.

28. How to hold the two reins.

29. Personal preference in using the two rein.

30 Training principles.

31 Practice  a lesson with Pat.

32. Practice  putting it all together.

33 Practice.  Ranch roping clinic excerpt.

34. Reality.  Spring branding in Arizona.

35. Roping clips.

36. Summary.

Galloping Gelding Production. All Rights Reserved. 

Duration: 2 hours 04 minutes

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