Cutting, One Run At A Time by Barbra Schulte

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Soft-bound Book
By Barbra Schulte

This was my first 305 page, soft-bound book.

What you may not know is that over half of this book contains valuable information for riders of all disciplines:

Chapter 1: Identify Your Goals: The Process of Becoming

  • Different Strokes for Different Folks
  • A Personal Leap of Faith
  • Identify Your Cutting Goals
  • Common Mistakes Cutters Make and Practical Solutions
  • Have Fun and Be Yourself

Chapter 2: Build a Strong Support System

  • Mentors
  • Trainers/Instructors
  • Instructor Selection Tips
  • Your Support System
  • Ways to Promote Good Communications When Problems Arise
  • 11 Practical Tips to Encourage a Cutter for Family Members, Trainers, and Friends
  • Tips for Becoming a Better Student

Chapter 3: Choose a Horse That Suits Your Needs

  • Why it is Important to Ride a Horse that Fits Your Needs
  • Primary Considerations for Your Horse Selection – Secondary Considerations for Your Horse Selection
  • How to Choose the Right Horse
  • What to do With a Horse that Doesn’t Suit You

Chapter 4: Develop Basic Riding Skills

  • A Secure Center of Balance
  • Soft, Connected Body Alignment
  • A Quiet Upper Body
  • Rhythmic Breathing
  • Controlled Eyes
  • Hinged Arms
  • Two-Handed Stop
  • Relaxes, Responsive Legs – Dropped Heels
  • Strategic Use of Feet/Legs
  • Feel for the Stop
  • The Backup
  • Head/Neck Flexibility
  • Neck Reining

Chapter 5: Learn the Mental Skills of Great Competitors
This is the largest chapter in the book and covers the basic tenets of the original Mentally Tough Training Program.

  • Why Train Mentally and Emotionally?
  • Why is IPS Important?
  • From a Physical Viewpoint
  • Acting Skills
  • Mental Conditioning Tools
  • Design Your Own Constant Improvement Program

The five remaining chapters focus on tips to improve your cutting skills:

Chapter 6: Ride Your Trained Horse Effectively

  • Create a Mental Image of Excellence, Poise, Grit, and Style
  • Use Your Body to Help, Not Hinder, Your Horse
  • Putting it all Together: Balance, Rhythm, Control of the Cow, and Holding the Line
  • Common Trouble Spots Working a Cow

Chapter 7: Maintain Your Trained Horse

  • Basic Schooling Principles
  • Five Situations Where You Can Apply a Two-Handed Stop
  • Key Schooling Points
  • Chronic Problems

Chapter 8: Gain Control in the Herd

  • The Ideal Cut
  • Preparing to Enter the Herd
  • Walking Toward the Herd
  • Entering the Herd
  • Making the Turn
  • Making Good, Spontaneous Moment-to-Moment Decisions
  • Cutting for Shape
  • Cutting Specific Cattle

Chapter 9: Study Cattle

  • Describe Cattle Physically
  • Predicting Behavior

Chapter 10: Develop Your Own Showmanship Style

  • Preparation Prior to Show Day
  • Preparation on the Day of the Show
  • Outstanding Run Presentation Skills
  • Spontaneous Responses to Unexpected Situations

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