The Hoof Meter Reader

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Hoof Meter Reader (2012 upgraded model)

Reads easily from both sides of the horse- no need to reach across one hoof to measure the other!
Three measurement dials:
Yellow dial measures left hooves
Red dial measures right hooves
White (center) dial is scaled in both metric and U.S. units.

Measurements are calibrated to wild horse data gathered by Jaime Jackson and published in The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild (1992)
Compare your horses measurements with those of sound wild horse hooves.
Know when your horses hoof measurements are in the natural and healthy ranges or are unnatural and heading towards lameness.
Complete use instructions in Jaime Jacksons new book, The Natural Trim: Principles and Practice
Indispensable hoof gauge for conducting the natural trim.

Publisher: Jack Lawrence
Format: Hardcover
Author: Jaime Jackson
Author Notes:
Jaime Jackson is universally credited with having started the modern day barefoot movement and continues to lead the way as the noted expert on both domestic and wild horse hooves. He is the Executive Director of the AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices).
Further Title Description:
Natural Hoof Care (NHC) encourages a sound, healthy and rugged hoof to grow from the inside out. The natural trim, when combined with other elements of NHC are together, your best defense against unnatural conditions such as Navicular Syndrome, Laminitis, Slipper Toe, Seedy Toe, WLD, Club Foot, EMS, Colic, Fescue Foot, Pasture Foot, Wry Foot, and other pathologies and symptoms.

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