SlimStick with Pocket String
by Kalley Krickeberg

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Sick of heavy groundwork tools? Sick of wet, soggy strings? Our SLIMStick weighs 25% less, our Pocket String weighs 50% less and won't absorb water. You'll feel the difference the instant you pick it up!

Compared to any other natural horsemanship or ground work horse training stick on the market, the Horse Education SlimStick:

  • The slimstick is 25%+ lighter than a “normal” horsemanship stick & the Same length
  • Easier on your wrist, better for precise control & less fatiguing
  • Thanks to tapered design, the stick’s fulcrum is closer to the handle = better control
  • Kids can stay farther away from horse than with a “normal” kids stick = stay SAFER

The PocketString:

  • PocketString weighs 50% less than a “normal” string & takes up half the room
  • Combined weight differences mean result in a faster, more responsive tool
  • Because it is a finer diameter, it will have more of a whistling noise than a normal string when used at high speed. You can use that as a cue, or as a further aid to desensitize your horse to similar noises (for instance a lariat).

Why use a SLIMStick and Pocket String for ground work training, liberty or lungeing?

"A stick allows me to reach on either side of the drive line, which is the basic dynamic in moving any type of prey animal around is being able to control in front of and behind the drive line.

Stick and string combined, it is the right length to start your ground work. It is not too long and floppy that ends up getting in your way like a lunge whip would, yet its not so short that it puts you in the kick or strike zone. This tool can take you a long ways in refining your ground skills before you move to another tool.

The awkwardness of the normal sticks on the market, of which there are several marketed by touring clinicians, is that they are very badly balanced, and consequently heavy and heavy feeling in your hand. The SLIMStick's taper gives makes it a better balance, which gives you better leverage. That control will bring less fatigue to your wrist and make you more accurate in your delivery of a signal. It is a tool that I can use as a horse trainer all day long, day in and day out without getting a sore wrist or tired arm." ~Kalley

Please note: We can express a stick on its own, but when sending with other items it is unable to go in an express satchel, please keep this in mind when choosing postage.

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